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15 Home Remodeling Facts

The home improvement industry is thriving! With almost half of homes in the US being constructed before 1980, so many people are needing upgrades and repairs done to their houses. Most homeowners are opting to remodel rather than move and believe this is the more affordable route. Are you thinking about remodeling? We’re here to give you the facts about home projects. Below, you’ll find the most common remodeling projects and popular trends to help guide along your remodeling journey as well as some general home improvement statistics!

  1. The most common room to be remodeled is the kitchen.

  2. The second and third most common rooms to renovate are the guest and master bathroom.

  3. Decorating was the main drive behind home projects in 2018 and 2019 followed by renovating.

  4. The yearly amount spent on home improvement is expected to reach 465 billion by next year.

  5. Homeowners who have lived in their house for over six years are 61% more likely to renovate their current home than move.

  6. 28% of property owners indicate that renovating is a more affordable option than buying a new house.

  7. Paint is the most common home improvement related purchase made by homeowners as it made up 71% of remodeling related sales in 2018.

  8. The most common exterior home improvement projects are roofing and exterior paint.

  9. Countertops are the most popular kitchen feature to remodel followed by backsplashes and sinks.

  10. Cabinets are the most popular built-in kitchen upgrade closely followed by islands.

  11. The most popular kitchen styles are transitional, farmhouse, and contemporary.

  12. Design and functionality is the most significant consideration for homeowners when planning a remodeling project.

  13. 35% of kitchen remodels in 2019 included enlarging the room.

  14. Nearly half of renovation projects undertaken by homeowners include smart technology.

  15. Security and safety are the main drive behind smart technology upgrades.

Do your remodeling plans align with the rest of the country? Don’t worry if not! Everyone’s renovating needs are different, and here at Custom Construction Services we’re ready to take on any challenge! If you are thinking about upgrading features on the inside or outside of your home, we are here to get the job done. Give us a call at 228-BUILDER to get a FREE quote and learn more about our services.


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