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2021 Remodeling Trends

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

With all the extra time we had at home in 2020, remodels were on the rise during the eventful year. It was the year to finally indulge in those renovations that we’ve been putting off, and 2021 is expected to bring even more home projects. Here are our picks for the most popular remodels for the year!

1. Luxurious Bathrooms

After a restless 2020, this year is all about relaxation and ease, which extends to your bathroom! The bathroom is the most popular room to renovate in 2021. Adding elements to the bathroom, such as freestanding tubs, open showers, and compact storage, are just a few of the upgrades that people are choosing for their dream bathrooms. These innovations give the bathroom a total spa-like appeal and create a sanctuary within the room. Smaller, aesthetic renovations include brass and gold fixtures, wood accents, and pops of color. Additionally, more and more people are choosing to vamp up the innovative technology in their homes by adding tech devices into the bathrooms like built-in Bluetooth speakers, smart shower devices, and even smart vanity mirrors.

2. Built-In Storage

The more time we spent at home this past year, the more we started to organize our homes. This probably led you to realize that you have too much stuff and not enough storage. Thankfully, built-in storage spaces and elements are on the rise! Storage is now being considered during the architectural design of homes, adding more value and space to them. Built-in storage is the perfect renovation because it can be utilized in practically any room of the house. Open shelving, headboard storage, built-in china cabinets, storage bench, and receding shelves are just a few of the many ways to maximize space in your home without compromising style.

3. Home Offices

It’s no surprise that home offices are becoming more and more popular. With so many people now working from the comfort of their homes, finding a space at home to accommodate your video conferences and phone calls can be tricky. A functional home office is now a necessity in the house. Like many other rooms of the house, storage should also be the top priority when remodeling a space into a home office. We suggest also having a window that will give you a view to encourage your workflow and add generous lighting to the space. You’ll be spending your 9-to-5 in this room, so it should be comfortable and spacious.

4. Natural Light

Windows and skylights are in the spotlight this year! It’s no secret that sunlight can encourage productivity and improve your mood, which is why so many people are opting for more natural light in their homes. With a tough year behind us, we could use a little boost in positivity. Allowing more natural light to flow into the room is an essential element to consider when remodeling your home. This could mean including more windows in a room, opting for blinds rather than curtains, or even adding a sunroom to the home.

As 2021 continues, and you plan your remodeling ideas, we hope you’ll consider these trends for your home! If you’re interested in beginning renovations on your home, give us a call at 288-BUILDER. We’ll be happy to bring your dream home to life!

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