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5 Most Popular Home Remodeling Projects

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

In recent years, homeowners have become willing to spend more money on enhancing the appearance and even more importantly, the durability of their home. This includes both typical small home improvements as well as larger projects that add substantial value to the home. With the changing of the seasons and the new year approaching, it may be time to add a little more life to your home to kick off the new decade. If you are wanting to upgrade your home and are looking for inspiration, here are the current five most popular home remodeling projects.

5. Replacing Doors

An easy way to improve the value of your home is by replacing old doors with more modern pieces. Replacing doors with newer ones can allow homeowners to add more of their personal style preferences to their home. Popular door varieties include rustic styles such as sliding barn doors as well as more modern styles with straight sleek lines stretching down the panels. Even just adding a fresh coat of paint to your doors can give them a clean look.

4. Outside Additions

An efficient way to add more space and value to a house is to embark on expanding your home. Recently, more and more people have been adding on to the outside of their homes rather than the inside. Adding an outdoor living space such as a deck is a cost-effective way to increase your home’s space without the high costs of an indoor room addition.

3. Whole House Remodel

Those in the remodel business have noted a considerable increase in homeowners remodeling their entire house rather than just a single room. People are looking to modernize their homes by giving their whole house a makeover. This can include indoor projects such as repainting walls and adding accent walls, shelves, and cabinets or outdoor projects such as shutter replacements, new railings, and porch remodels.

2. Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom is a way to give homeowners more freedom to choose the styles and costs based on their preferences when it comes to remodeling. While modernizing an entire bathroom may cost homeowners more than they want to spend, fixing up just the fundamental pieces of the bathroom such as sinks and cabinets can greatly enhance the look of a bathroom at a fraction of the price of a full-room remodel.

1. Kitchen Remodel

The most popular remodeling project homeowners are tackling is upgrading their kitchen. The kitchen is considered the centerpiece of the house, and with this, homeowners are turning this room into a more stylish and functional space. The presentation of the kitchen is especially an important detail of your home if you are looking to sell your house. When house hunting, the kitchen is the first room potential buyers typically look at, so the space and appearance of the kitchen can make or break the sale of your house.

Remodeling projects both big and small can give homeowners the upgrade they need to add more value and vivacity to their living space. No matter what part of your home you want to remodel, Custom Construction Services is here to make your house feel more like home.

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