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Outdoor Home Upgrades for the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start preparing for all of the festivities that come along. You’re bound to have guests over at some point over the next few months, and we want them to feel as welcome as possible! The inside of your home may be spick and span, but the outside might need a bit of TLC. If you want to spruce up the outside of your home before the holidays, here are a few projects that will impress your house guests and bring a new charm to the appearance of your house!

New window shutters

Shutters can really make or break how well your windows look and, additionally, your home overall! They are perfect for adding style to your home while also providing your windows with protection. Window shutters can give the outside of your home a fresh look and tie all of the elements of its appearance together. However, older, worn shutters can display a displeasing look. If your shutters need an upgrade or you want to bring a new personality to your home, we suggest new window shutters!

Outdoor living space to add more room for company

One of the best parts of the holiday season is having friends and family join you for festivities. However fun it is to have a full house, hosting so many people can get a little crowded. An outdoor living space is a wonderful addition to any home to make sure there is ample room for your guests to socialize. Adding a deck, patio, or outdoor seating area is perfect for those who want to bring more space to their house without the hassle of a room addition.

Repaint the front door

The opening of your home should be representative of the welcoming presence and charm of the inside. Your front door is what first greets your guests as they arrive. We know that doors aren’t exempt from wear and tear, especially those that face outdoors. Elements from the outside can damage the look of your door and lead to scratches and chipped paint. If you want to freshen up your home’s entryway without installing a whole new door, repainting your current door is a great and easy way to spruce it up.

Add more lighting to the porch or entry

More lighting creates a more inviting environment for your guests. Outdoor lighting is especially important during the colder months as the sun sets earlier in the day. If there is only one light illuminating your porch or entryway, you can enhance the lighting in this area by adding surface-mounted lanterns onto the ceiling.

We know how busy the holiday season can be. Between shopping, cooking, traveling, and entertaining guests, there’s a lot you have to worry about. This is why we’re giving these tips now, so you can get a head start of prepping. We hope your home is a comfortable space that your friends and family will enjoy and, most importantly, you! Greet your holiday guests with a welcoming home that they’ll fall in love with before they step through the door!

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