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Prepping for Home Construction

Remodeling your home is such an exciting project! Bringing dream houses to life is something we at Custom Construction Services are so grateful to be a part of. Deciding on what work you’d like done to your home is the first step in the remodeling process. After you’ve made arrangements for your home project, it’s time to start preparing your house for construction. Planning is one the most important elements when it comes to remodeling, and we want you to be ready for when it happens. For this reason, we’ve put together a few ways to help make your home project run as smooth and swiftly as possible!

Before you begin allowing any work to be done, establish if you want to remain in your home while construction is going on or if you want to stay somewhere else. If remodeling is going on in a majority of your home or is hindering you from using an essential piece of your house, we suggest making arrangements to go somewhere else so you can continue your regular routines. If you do choose to stay in your home during the remodeling, determine what rooms will be used and what rooms will be off limits. With construction going on, it may be difficult to move around to all areas of the house. We suggest establishing what parts of the house you will avoid, so you don’t disrupt any remodeling.

Once you’ve made a decision on whether or not you’ll be staying in your home, we suggest deciding on an area where you’ll be storing all furniture and decorations that are in the rooms being remodeled or repaired. Be sure you have enough space in areas of the house that aren’t under construction to move all the furniture to. Finding room to fit everything into may be difficult. This is why you should determine this beforehand, so you’re not stuck trying to cram items into different parts of the house or realize you’ll have to stay elsewhere in order to keep everything inside. Temporary storage units are an option as well during construction time.

After you decide what parts of the home will be considered construction areas and determine a storage space, you should begin removing furniture and decor items from rooms so they won’t be damaged or be in the way during remodeling. Move furniture around or into different rooms so they stay protected. If larger items can’t be moved, cover them so they don’t get paint, dust, or any other unwanted damage to them. You should also point them out to workers, so they are made aware and know to work carefully around them.

Your home deserves the best, and remodeling is a wonderful way to breathe new life into your living space and create the house you’ve always wanted. We want your house to be in tip top shape! Because of this, we hope you will create a plan and make proper arrangements for your home if you plan on remodeling. If you’re looking to have construction done to your home, be sure to give Custom Construction Services a call. We’re happy to help!  228-297-9701

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