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Prepping Your Home for Fall

October is fast approaching, and summer is coming to an end. The weather may not

reflect the changing of the seasons, but fall is finally here! It’s time for long nights by the

fire and weekends spent watching college football. You may be ready for sweater

weather, but your home may not be! We’ve listed a few of the steps you can take to get

your home prepared for the cool weather. Before you begin sipping on pumpkin spiced

lattes and wrapping up in fleece blankets, take these precautions to ensure your house

is prepped and safe for fall.

Clean gutters

Now that summer is over, it’s time to begin preparing your home for fall. One of the first

steps you should take to prep for the new season is to clean out your gutters. Limbs,

leaves, and grime have likely gotten into your gutters. Before the leaves begin to fall,

you should remove all of the debris from your gutter to prevent it from clogging. This

congestion in your gutter can hinder your drains from working correctly, which can lead

to leaks and even ice blocks forming in the colder months. As fall continues over the

next few months, be sure to check your gutters for clogs routinely.

Install outdoor lights

Colder weather means shorter days and less daylight. To keep you and your family

safe, we suggest installing outdoor lights around your house. Having your driveway and

front yard well lit could help save you from fewer accidents and less falls. If your

driveway and outdoor areas aren’t properly lit, installing lights is a great way to make

your home a little safer.

Clean out fireplace

With sweater weather approaching, we know you’ll be cranking up the fireplace as the

temperature drops. Before you begin getting cozy by the fire, be sure to clean out any

debris leftover from last year. This includes getting rid of any lingering ash and dust as

well. Use a hand broom to scoop all of this debris and cloth to wipe up any dark spots.

Not cleaning up around your fireplace can lead to stains in the wood burner as well as

the hearth and mantel.

Check for drafts

We all love cool weather outside, but we don’t want it to be drafty in our homes. It’s a

good idea to feel around your windows and doors and check for drafts before the cold

season hits. If you find cracks around your home, fix them by recaulking the seals to

prevent the cold air from entering your home. You can also take extra precautions by

installing thick, heavy drapes over your windows to ensure your home stays warm

during the fall and winter.

As the temperature drops and leaves begin to fall, we want you to enjoy the cool

weather and not worry about your home's safety. This is why we’ve listed out the steps

you can take to protect it. If you need help preparing your home for the new season,

give us a call (228-297-9701), we’ll be sure to take all precautions to make your home

holiday ready!

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