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The Value of Home Additions

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Happy New Year! A new year means it’s time to begin thinking about your goals for this year. This includes creating plans and updates for your home. Spending as much time as we all have at home this last year may have made you realize that your home needs an upgrade. Home remodels can be a significant and timely project, so that’s why it’s best to start thinking about your goals for your house now! When planned and executed properly, a home addition is an excellent investment. But is it worth it? We think so! In this blog, we’ll go over a few reasons why a home addition is a good idea.

As obvious as it may sound, adding a room or multiple rooms to your house will increase your home’s space. Most of us can agree that we all need a little more space in our home. If you’re planning on expanding your family this year, a new room is needed! Perhaps working at home has made you realize you need a home office, or maybe you need a guest room for the family. Some of the most popular room additions include garages, offices, pool houses, and family rooms. No matter what the reason is, if you want to expand your home's space, a room addition is the best way to achieve that.

Not only does a home addition add space to the house, but it also increases its worth. As the square footage of the house is raised, so is it’s value. If you are thinking about possibly selling your home, this will allow you to increase the asking price as your home will become larger. Even if you aren’t looking to put your house on the market this year, a home addition is a great way to boost its worth for the future.

Deciding to go with a home addition changes the layout of the house both inside and out. By adding a bump-out room to the front or side of your house, you can alter its outer appearance. This can be great for those who want to break up their home's square look and give it a different design. This is also a perfect opportunity to add additional windows to your home and increase the light inside. All together, these techniques can give your home an entirely new composition.

Embarking on a home addition is a huge project that takes both time and planning. However, it is well worth the effort and work! Minor remodeling projects such as new cabinets or a paint job are great for those who want to change up the style of the inside of their home. But if you’re looking to increase your home's square footage and create an entirely new space, a home addition is what you need. Whether you need to add a nursery or a garage, or even just a garden room, we are here to help you bring your vision to life.

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