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Three Easy Home Projects for Summer

Summer is in full swing here on the Gulf Coast! We know you’re spending your days soaking up the sun, releasing in the coral breeze, and avoiding the rain! We want you to enjoy your home as much as you love this wonderful season, which is why we’ve put together a few easy projects to tackle that are ideal for summer!


Pull out your brushes and rollers because summer is the ideal time to take on a painting project! Thanks to the warmer weather that the season brings, fresh paint cures perfectly, which means it will last longer. Adding a new coat of paint to a room can work wonders on the space. It can totally transform the atmosphere of an area, and depending on the color, could make it appear more spacious. You can also use any extra paint you have to repaint furniture like nightstands, chest of drawers, and even outdoor furniture like tables and chairs. If you’ve wanted to repaint a room or even your home’s exterior, now is the time to do it!


Now that it’s warm outside and the days are longer, you want to limit the amount of sunlight that enters your home to keep it from getting too hot. Outdoor shutters are excellent for providing a barrier against the summer heat and dressing up your home’s exterior. You can use shutters as a way to add a fun pop of color to the front of your home. They’re also ideal for protecting your home against strong winds, which is necessary for those of us on the Gulf Coast during hurricane season. Whether you want something modern or classic or even decorative, there are tons of different shutter styles to choose from. Putting up shutters is a great and easy project that you can do in just one weekend!

Outdoor Living Space

Nothing says summertime in the South like enjoying a home-cooked meal outside in the coastal breeze, and having an outdoor living space in your backyard is the best place to experience this! These areas are great because you can make them as elaborate or simple as you want. All you need are a few essentials to get started, such as seating, lighting, and a table. It’s best to set your spot up close to the house or in a covered area. This will allow you to use the light and fans from your home or porch and keep the furniture protected from harsh weather. For those who want a totally developed and decorated livable space outdoors, we can help! We can create an area with a patio, deck, fire pit, porch, walkway, or any other addition you’d like your space to have.

We know you’re busy spending time with your family and enjoying the beautiful weather this summer, but we don’t want you to forget about your home! These three projects are guaranteed to spruce up your home and add value. Be sure to take a little time out of your summer plans to give your home a little TLC!

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